The Great Removal (of my social media presence)

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The Great Removal (of my social media presence)

Lately, I've found it more and more tiresome to be on social media.  Ever since the pandemic, it seems like everyone is just on there to pick a fight, to gain likes and follows and to belittle everyone every chance they get.  Pair that with the inability of the social media giant, Facebook, from being able to mediate and regulate any of this (they don't care, they just want your money) its time for me to permanently sign off of their platform!  I know this will disappoint a great deal of my followers who like seeing what I'm up to in the studio, but to be honest... I just cannot see myself talking part in a platform that is ran by anarchy.  Especially when the platform is constantly stealing your personal data.  So, this is my social media swan song....  Goodbye, Facebook.  I won't miss you.

Now, the good news!!

I will be utilizing THIS BLOG to start telling and showing everyone what projects I'm working on lately!!! My PR team will add random posts to social media and such, but I am just going to focus on this page, above all else!  Not only will this allow me to post exactly what I want, but it will also keep you directly connected to me, in a much more personal way.  Sometimes, I might write one post a day, sometimes, I might write one post a week. 

If you ever want to personally reach out to me to chat, just email me at and we'll chat the day away about any and all of my current projects!

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