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Artworks by Sean Christopher Ward

Bettie I of XX

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Title: "Bettie" I of XX
Artist: Sean Christopher Ward
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 1.5"
Medium: Acrylic


"Fading Identities" Artist Statement:

“Fading Identities” is an homage to the individuals of our past and present, who may not always be there as a picture-perfect image in your mind, but rather, as a general image of their identity.  This is not something that is intended to occur, but it is just a process of being human and having fragments, or pieces, of these memories unavailable for recollection.  Short-term, memory provides very detailed mental images about a few things that have been on the individual’s mind.  While long-term memory is about providing a vast assortment of numerous details, but all to a less crystal-clear image, which the memories, based on their experiences and sights, might seem fuzzy to the viewer.  Over time, it is inevitable that the memories begin to fade from their crystal-clear beginnings, and that is where science comes into play again.  We cannot always encode the details of these images perfectly, yet the human mind is a wonderful tool that consistently is able to interpret pieces of a memory and shape these mental forms into a successful recollection of the thought.  Much like this process of memory, the façade of celebrity status is held on to in the same way.  Whilst the celebrity is focused on by society the image remains clear, but as time progresses, the number of images of such a celebrity flashing before the eyes of the viewer begins to dwindle.  Over time, that celebrity’s image might fade, but pieces will always remain. Those pieces, like long-term memories, are preserved in the mind and in these paintings which thusly help keep the supports of our society alive within the mind.

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