Side Projects

Anyone that know me, knows one thing... My brain is always thinking up new and crazy ideas! Staying busy 24/7 is a chore, but it's allowed me to dive into so many different avenues than just painting.  Below, are some of my official side projects.  Click each link to go to the page telling about them.


Artist Statement
Our digital culture thrives from a physical reality that constantly seeks new experiences through stepping away from the familiar natural realm, and instead, into the light of digital escapism. We must overcome our suspension of disbelief to blur the distinction between these two parallel worlds. Therefore, we are embarking on a vessel to help you transverse space and time: The Wundercube.

The WunderCube is an immersive experience, transporting you into a digital and traditional plane of existence.  Close the door, and you are transported into a full-spectrum design born inside this digital/physical duality. As your senses take flight through an aura of sound and color, the large circular portal connects you to the minds of selected digital media artists, each exploring the perspective of our human journey through time and space. For some, the WunderCube is a giant hypnotic device with unfolding patterns and designs, and many others will relish in the fact that you can stand within a gigantic painting. The collaborative soundtrack by producer Astrive and j_pg will heighten your emotional journey through the unknown.




Anonymous Productions is a new venture of mine.  A one-stop shop for all your dj production needs.  We offer the highest quality equipment for show rentals, including an entire arsenal of Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 and (3) Pioneer CDJ-3000 controllers.  Multiple options for flagship audio interfaces to create the optimal sound quality at your event.  A plethora of RCF speakers and subwoofers, ranging from 10" to 18".  A full lineup of equipment to produce livestream events.  3 ultra short throw projectors to create projection mapped backdrops, and a 3.5'x9.5' HD ArtFox LED Video Wall and 40' of trussing.  We also have an assortment of moving head spotlights, light bars, haze machines and lasers and an entire team of techs to run everything perfectly.


I am also a DJ specializing in techno (acid and dark) and bass house.  Lately, I have also been venturing into trance.  I am hireable for events, with a rate of $150 for one hour, $200 for two hours or $300 for up to four hours. I bring my own controllers to play on (flagship cdj-3000's) and only require XLR ports to connect into.  If you would like me to bring a full assortment of lights and sound equipment, I am more than happy to do that, but it will require a custom quote.


With a degree of Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, I have the knowledge and software to complete most paper and digital projects that you may need.