The Psychedelic Wunderkind: The Works of Sean Christopher Ward, Volume I: 2011-2015, Hardcover

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Book size: 8" H x 10" W
Page count: 174

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Book Description:

In the beginning, there was only ideas.  Thankfully, there was a mind behind them that could turn them into reality.

The early years of Sean Christopher Ward’s career was filled with shaping the identity of his works for years to come.  During this time period, he was attending college and studying both graphic design and studio arts.  Both of these majors shaped not only his style, but also his process for the creation of his paintings, and occasionally, photography.  The artwork in this book is in chronological order and explained in depth to walk you through his earliest years and how it shaped his artwork to this day!  These beginning years were crucial to reach the place he is at today and as such, Sean is including tips and tricks throughout the book for successful methods of painting and career advice as a budding artist!