Sean Christopher Ward is an interdisciplinary artist focusing his efforts of painting in the style of op art, with major influences from Masters of the movement, like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely, who utilize flat design to create depth and kinetic movement through strict hard edges and the utilization of masterfully placed colors side by side or next to negative space to keep the works constantly moving within the optics of the viewer.  Now extending past the singular flat plane, I am expanding to fully immersive projection mapping experiences, where the artwork surrounds you in every direction!  Overall, both painterly and digital immersive artworks, I utilize a process to create my artwork that is a mixture of traditional and digital techniques.  It begins in the digital realm of Adobe Illustrator to create the design of the works first and foremost, to achieve ultra-crisp and planned results, then transitioning into the traditional realm of hand painting all the fields of colors onto the individual layers of the painting.  Then, with projection mapping and animation creation, I utilize Adobe After Effects and Resolume Arena to create these immersive environments that go hand and hand with the art, and sometimes, the musicians, I partner with to create multi-media exhibitions.  The multiple processes sounds overwhelming, but it has become common practice for Sean’s different styles of works to utilize every method of technology possible to create and maintain a commitment to excellence through the weeks of time it takes to complete each individual piece.  With works in over 800 permanent and private collections spanning the world, including Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Morocco, Japan, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the US Virgin Islands, the reach of the artwork is expanding as each year progresses!  Notable works in private collections include Bob Dylan, Julie Floyd, Julien Hall, Elton John, Milan Kordestani, Aaron Lux, The Center for Women’s Wellness, The ICT Pop-Up Park, The Pixies and Universal Studios Japan.  One of his most recent ventures is working alongside Aarox Lux to turn Sean’s artwork into four two story walls on two beachside homes in Cabo, Mexico, to give some creative flair to the community!


Exhibitions & Immersive Experiences
“JADA Art Fair – Art Basel”, Miami, Florida, December 2-5, 2021, Art Fair
"Vernissage - Paris Art Week", JADA Art, 7 Rue Saint-Sabin, Paris, October 23-26, 2021, Group Art Show
“The Other Art Fair – Dallas Edition”, Dallas, Texas, October 21-24 2021, Art Fair
“The Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences”, Santa Barbara, California, July 2021-Present, Art Museum Loan
“The Other Art Fair – Dallas Edition”, Dallas, Texas, May 2021, Virtual Art Fair
“Gallery Pure”, Skypony Gallery, Plano, Texas, December 2020-Present, Group Art Exhibition
“Anonymous Production”, Twitch.tv, December 2020-Present, Audio & Visual Weekly Experience
“Electric Dream”, Enigma Club & Lounge, Wichita, KS, December 2020, Audio & Visual Experience
“Electric Dream”, Enigma Club & Lounge, Wichita, KS, October 2020, Audio & Visual Experience
“Kaleidoscopic Oddysey”, Artist’s Home, Wichita, KS, November 2020, Solo Exhibition
“Chromatic Hallucinations”, Coutts Museum of Art, El Dorado, KS, August-September 2020, Solo Exhibition
“SOCIAL DISTANCING: A Digi-Romantic Response to the Current 2020 Global Quarantine”, JADA Art, March 2020, Virtual Reality Exhibition
“Superfine! SF”, Superfine! Art Fair, San Francisco, CA, February-March 2019, Art Fair
“The Relationship Series”, Peerless, Wichita, KS, December 2019, Solo Exhibition
“The Wunder”, Gallery MC, New York City, NY, November 2019, Solo Exhibition
“6th Annual Art on a Postcard Secret Auction” WeWork, London, United Kingdom, Nov 13-15, 2019, Auction
Re:Artiste “Show Your World” Gallery MC, New York City, New York, Nov 5-18, 2019, WunderCube Installation
“Superfine! DC”, Superfine! Art Fair, Washington, D.C., October-November 2019, Art Fair + WunderCube Installation
“Saatchi Art’s The Other Art Fair: Dallas”, Dallas Market Hall, Dallas, TX, September 2019, Art Fair
“Saatchi Art’s The Other Art Fair: Los Angeles”, Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA, September 2019, Art Fair
“Stardust and Satisfaction”, Glenn Dallas Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, July-September 2019, Group Exhibition
“People, Places and Things”, Augusta Arts Centre, Augusta, KS, July-September 2019, Group Exhibition, Won Honorable Mention for “Audrey VII”
“Saatchi Art’s The Other Art Fair: Chicago”, Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL, May 2019, Art Fair
“Superfine! Los Angeles”, Superfine! Hyper Curated Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA, February 2019, Art Fair
“Art Basel Miami Beach”, Superfine! Hyper Curated Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL, December 2018, Art Fair
“Chromatic Hallucinations” HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wichita, KS, October-November 2018, Solo Exhibition
“Amalgamation: The Collaborative Exhibition of Aaron Patton and Sean C Ward” 520 S. Commerce, Wichita, KS, August 2018, Duo Exhibition
“Zip! Pop! Bang! Run, It’s The Cops!” HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wichita, KS, June 2018, Curator and Exhibitor
“Open Studio” ChaNorth, Pine Plains, NY, May 27, 2018, Exhibitor
“Frieze New York City”, Superfine! Hyper Curated Art Fair, New York, NY, May 2018, Art Fair
“Secret Show”, HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wichita, KS, January 2018, Concert and Solo Exhibition
“Art Basel Miami Wynwood”, Superfine! Hyper Curated Art Fair, Miami, FL, December 2017, Art Fair
“Holiday RAWk”, Raw Artists @ Revolution, Ft Lauderdale, FL, December 2017, Concert and Exhibition
“Duo Exhibition”, HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wichita, KS, October 2017, Duo Exhibition
“Black White and Everything In Between”, Vertigo 232, Wichita, KS, October 2017, Group Exhibition
“Duo Exhibition”, R.G. Endres Gallery, Prairie Village, KS, May 2017, Duo Exhibition
“Chimera Effect”, HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art, Wichita, KS, January 27, 2017, Solo Installation
CityArt’s “Gifts in the Gallery”, Wichita, KS, December 2016, Juried Regional Exhibition
Re:Artiste’s "Show Your World", New York City, NY, November 2016, Juried International Exhibition
The Lakeside Club, Wichita, KS, March-May 2016, Group Exhibition
Channel Island Studios’ “DYNAMIC” National Exhibition, Camarillo, CA, March 2016, Juried Entry National Exhibition
Sync Gallery’s “EQUINOX” National Exhibition, Denver, CO, February 2016, Juried Entry National Exhibition
Idaho State University’s “Undergraduate Art Exhibition”, Pocatello, ID, February 2016, Juried Entry Online Exhibition
White Wall Gallery’s “Artists For Recovery” Auction, San Francisco, CA, February 2016, Silent and Live Auction
Art on 30th “Just Sayin'”, San Diego, CA, October 2015, Juried Entry National Exhibition
Overland Park Arts’ “Human Experience – Abstracts” Exhibition, Overland Park, KS, July 2015, National Exhibition
Orange County Creatives’ “Faces” Exhibition, Laguna Beach, CA, May 2015, Juried Entry National Exhibition
Ulrich Museum Satellite Exhibition of “Faculty Biennial”, Wichita, KS, April 2015, Group Exhibition & Featured Live Artist
A/NT Gallery’s “Mixed (e)Motions” Exhibition, Seattle, WA, July 2014, Juried Entry National Exhibition
Friends of the Wichita Art Museum 55th Annual Art & Book Fair, May 2014, Solo Booth
Midwest Center of Photography’s “Photography Final Exhibition”, April-May 2014, Group Exhibition
Kansas City Artists Coalition’s “Midwest Undergraduate Exhibition”, April 2014, Juried Group Exhibition
Tonantzin Society’s “The Dia De Los Muertos” Topeka 2013, Juried Art Exhibition
Waterwalk KEYN Festival, June-July 2013, Wichita, KS, Group Exhibition
Botanica Gardens: Compositions, July 2013, Wichita, KS, Featured Group Booth
Friends of the Wichita Art Museum 54th Annual Art & Book Fair, Wichita, KS, May 2013, Group Booth
Wichita State University McKnight Art Center‘s Project Runaway, Wichita, KS April 2013: Part of Runaway Show
Kansas Masonic Home, Wichita, KS April 2013: Group Exhibition
Century II Concert Hall, Wichita, KS January-February 2013: Group Exhibition
Artist Central, Wichita, KS, July 2012, Solo Exhibition | January 2013, Group Exhibition

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