Expanded Perception

“Expanded Perception” was began this year, specifically for Art Basel, to gain a deeper understanding within multi-planed works of art and the effects of psychedelic color combinations would have on the subject. Each of these works are multiple layers, with some having as many as ten, or others having as few as four. Within each layer, a meticulous amount of paint is added to the resin coats and through the usage of a size 0 or 00 brush, it is very carefully added to the wood panel or resin to keep the shape that was created from diverging out of its boundaries within my own imagination.  Much like all my works, these works are part of the “op art” movement that allows movement within a static piece, so the overall visual appearance is more kinetic in nature.  Without stepping into too much detail along the process, each of these works take, at minimum, weeks to create, no matter the size.  Each layer of paint takes at minimum a day to complete, then each layer of resin takes three days to fully cure to add the next layer of paint on top of it.  Much like the works of Jackson Pollock, the environment of the artist is added within each layer of paint, so you will find spills, mistakes, dust, flora or anything of the like that was part of my daily ritual, all by chance, but left in place as the art is created in its realist form, that of which holds a piece of the artists’ life within every layer.