Immersive Experiences

While my paintings are what originated my place in the art world, as years progressed, so did my will to go further into arts and give people something they have not experienced and create entire environments in which one can immerse themselves in my art.  Thus, began a long journey that has given me the opportunity to show my capacity for thinking outside the box and hoping in the future, I will be presented with even more opportunities to expand others horizons.


January 27, 2017

An experience for optics and mind, CHIMERA EFFECT , is an art installation by Sean Christopher Ward. Immersed in a room of darkness, the colors will be the only thing to light your way. This installation is an experiment of new techniques by the artist and their effects on the viewers. Researchers will be on site taking notes and asking for viewer opinions on their perception of being in this environment, in order to hypothesize a result. This installation has been 3 months in the making, the entire experience will only be available for this one night. This one-night exhibition brought in over 2,500 guests during the 5 hours it was open.  Each guest was given a token to place into fish bowls with "feelings" on them to let us know how they felt in the space, and the winning feeling was "ECSTASY"

The Wundercube

A collaborative project by Sean Christopher Ward and Gerard Wellemeyer, circa 2019



Our digital culture thrives from a physical reality that constantly seeks new experiences through stepping away from the familiar natural realm, and instead, into the light of digital escapism. We must overcome our suspension of disbelief to blur the distinction between these two parallel worlds. Therefore, we are embarking on a vessel to help you transverse space and time: The Wundercube.

The WunderCube is an immersive experience, transporting you into a digital and traditional plane of existence. Close the door, and you are transported into a full-spectrum design born inside this digital/physical duality. As your senses take flight through an aura of sound and color, the large circular portal connects you to the minds of selected digital media artists, each exploring the perspective of our human journey through time and space.

For some, the WunderCube is a giant hypnotic device with unfolding patterns and designs, and many others will relish in the fact that you can stand within a gigantic painting. The collaborative soundtrack by producer Astrive and DJ COLOSSAL will heighten your emotional journey through the unknown.

Meta Sensationalist Temple: The Neofuturistic NFT Gospel

An Immersive Live DJ Performance and NFT Gallery Lead By Sean Ward 
JADA Art, Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2-5, 2021

At the Meta Sensationalist Temple, we are here to immerse ourselves in that which peaks our senses and use our imaginations to envision how we imagine art in the future! From live and recorded musical performances alongside a plethora of creations by VJ’s throughout the country, to the wide assortment of NFT art that will be available for sale and on display throughout our time at JADA during Miami Art Week.