NO SLEEP PRODUCTIONS is a video creation company I have recently founded.  I am creating projection mapping and custom videos for DJ backdrops and events.  Current clients include: PRND, LTD, Mike Euphoria and more coming soon.


OPTION 1: Custom 7-10 minute video matching the artist's music (artist direction, no client input): $150 for a delivered professional video, then $50/hour for any editing desired.  This is the option if you want a video created in my own style, you save money and I get to create new material to add to my bank of custom animations for other Dj's to utilize in their videos, as well.

OPTION 2: Custom videos with direct client input: $50/hour.  This is the option if you have a vision in mind that you want executed specifically.

PROJECTION MAPPING SETUP: Do you already have a video, but need someone to create a custom setup of projection mapping utilizing software like MadMapper and HeavyM?  I charge $50/hour and will create. the mapping project to be run independently.  I can pre-setup a video to run on loop, or you can keep me on hand to customize the video playlist live.

Examples of videos I have created so far: